Energetics: The First Order

Energetics, the first book of the series, is a risky dance between the innocence of invention and corruption of saboteurs as clean and limitless electrical energy is made available to the world.

Hijacked from a path leading to the enrichment of advanced levels of enlightenment, we now find ourselves on a timeline where our inherent rights and freedoms have been systematically thwarted. Not only is the future of humankind grim, but it is also spiraling toward destruction.

Through sheer genius and perseverance, an ad hoc group of MIT professors uncover a new form of math. Rooted in equations by James C. Maxwell, in the 1860s, four higher Orders of electrodynamics are revealed: the first being Energetics. In the face of adversity, this group creates the first of many life-changing technologies that revolutionize the current geopolitical paradigm.

This new information avails humankind the opportunity to reclaim their intended path and heal their future.

The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom is a cry for global courage!