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March 20, 2011

Reviewer: Craig Chicoine
From Goodreads: This review is from: Energetics: The First Order (The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom) (Kindle Edition)
From Amazon.com: This review is from: Energetics: The First Order (The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom) (Kindle Edition)

(5 of 5 Stars)

“In my youth, I wanted to get involved in some obscure think tank, discover something completely novel, invent something really useful to mankind … or maybe investigate the fringes of science,” Dr. Jordy Hanford tells his colleague and friend, Dr. Tom Pierce.

In Daniel Ward and Terre Britton’s book, “Energetics: The First Order”, this paradigm is put to the test.

Jordy and Tom are two professors at MIT. And, over a couple of drinks at their favorite watering hole, “The Miracle of Science Bar and Grille”, Jordy confides in Tom about his waning enthusiasm for teaching. The conversation then takes a turn when Tom revealed that he has a student that reminded him of them-in their younger days. Tom commented that the student, Lenny Langthorne, is a brilliant and tenacious researcher, and asks questions that he could not answer. This intrigued Jordy. And that was the spark that would launch the two professors and their protégé on a journey they could never have imagined.

The story is well crafted with all the twists and turns, and clever moments, of the best sci-fi thrillers. It’s charged with suspense, humor and passion-with a spark of unpredictability. It is sure to keep the reader interested and eager to read on.

What I found most intriguing about this fictional story is that it contains technology based on fundamental theories of science while also exploring alternative theories-in this case, electromagnetic energy.

It’s a story of, ‘what if’. What would happen if there was an alternative that would allow us to transition from our use of fossil fuel energy to a reliance on a clean, safe and free energy source? If such energy existed, would the world’s governments and big corporations support it? Would it plunge the world’s economies into chaos? Would there be some who’d want to stop it? For answers to those questions, I recommend you read this book.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to tell you that all your questions would be answered in this book. If anything, you’d probably be left with more questions. But don’t fret. This is the first book of four, in the series “The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom”. And I, for one, cannot wait to read on!

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