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PRLog (Press Release) – Mar 26, 2011 – Palm Coast, FL— Sirius Press, Inc. announces a price reduction in the eBook Energetics: The First Order—the first book in the new Science Fiction Thriller series The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom, by authors Daniel Ward and Terre Britton.

“Our main reason for lowering the price of ‘Energetics’ to $3.99 is because we want everyone to read our book. As much as ‘Energetics‘ is a fiction, we believe that the information in the book is vital to future global decisions,” Ward says.

“And, we want to get our message out—that the oil age is over (if you want it)” exclaims Ward, adding, “and in our series we offer the possibility of a future healed by alternative energy. ‘Energetics‘ is already accessible as an eBook; if lowering the price will increase readership, then we’ve reached our goal. And, my guess is, we aren’t the only authors flirting with this marketing strategy.”

Encouraged by the recent publicity surrounding Amanda Hocking—the ‘Mega Bestselling Indie Heroine,’ as heralded by the Huffington Post, ( and combining that with the latest Kindle sales survey (, online research and conversations with other authors, Ward and Britton decided to reach for a wider reader base by reducing their eBook price.

“There are many debates surrounding book and eBook pricing; and selling cheaply is often equated with mediocrity or literary suicide. In some instances, this may be the case. But there are times when it is a sign of a successful, aggressive artist,” Britton added. “Hocking’s new 7-figure publishing deal ( & has some of her fans shaking their heads. We would like to congratulate her on a deal of a lifetime!”

Energetics: The First Order eBook is available on Amazon:

***** What People Are Saying About Energetics*****

Two New 5-Star Reviews on!

“Tene lupum auribus!”

“It’s charged with suspense, humor and passion-with a spark of unpredictability.”

A Tantalizing First Book in the Series
“Highly recommended.”

(Both reviews on Goodreads:

“A Riveting Collision of Fact and Mystery ”

“Non-Stop Weekend Read”

“Energetics Delivers an Explosive Punch”

“Energetics Will Impact Every Single Human Being on Earth”


Energetics: The First Order was first published in paperback December, 2010, and the second edition is now available on Kindle through and in paperback through the authors’ site:

All paperback copies are signed by the authors.

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The The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom book series trailer can be viewed on YouTube:

About The Authors
Terre Britton is a Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Video and Motion Graphics Designer. She holds a degree in History in Art with a minor in English and is a past published Art Reviewer for Regional News and Victoria News, Victoria BC, Canada. More recently, her corporate articles are published online with RIM Education, for Cohasset Associates, Inc., Chicago IL.

Daniel Ward is a Certified Deposition Video Specialist and a member of the American Guild of Court Videographers (AGCV). He is an Electronics and Sound Engineer, Musician, Inventor, Author and a mobile Notary Public. Daniel and Terre are married and live in Florida, USA.

About The Book
Paperback: 254 pages
Publisher: Sirius Press, Inc.
Language: English
ISBN Paperback: 978-0-9841952-0-6
ISBN Kindle: 978-0-9841952-1-3

Amazon – Kindle (US):
Amazon – Kindle (UK):

About Sirius Press, Inc.
In addition to upcoming eBook services, Sirius Press, Inc. is a company focused on educating and promoting first time and established authors.

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