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Posted March 6th, 2011 by admin

Below is a list of companies with tools or information to help you network and market your book.

Also, be sure to check out Marketing Tips by Professionals.

  1. Indie Book Authors (Free Membership with option of purchasing ads at very reasonable rates)
  2. Reviews by Thomas Drinkard at Pinnacle Writing
  3. Indie Authors Unite (Author Networking Site by Valerie Maarten)
  4. Independent Author Network (The group is open to authors who are active social networkers at sites like Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn etc. The group works together to support and promote each other online.)
  5. Author & Book Promotions
  6. Twitter
  7. Facebook (Check out a FB Page Sample)
  8. YouTube
  9. PRLog (Press Releases)
  10. ArticleBase (Articles)
  11. Vertical Response (Email Marketing)
  12. (Educate Yourself: How To Build Websites Learn more…)
  13. LinkyTools (I just came across this, but I’ve never used them. Let me know if you use them and how you’d rate them)

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You are welcome to share any PR tools in the comments.
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