Sci-Fi Thriller “Energetics: The First Order,” by Daniel Ward and Terre Britton, launches humankind on a path to healing the future. First in the series “The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom,” now available at


PRLog (Press Release)Jan 11, 2011 – Palm Coast, FL— Sirius Press, Inc. releases “Energetics: The First Order,” the premier book in the series “The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom.” This New Sci-Fi Thriller describes a risky dance between the innocence of invention and corruption of saboteurs as clean and limitless electrical energy is made available to the world—the first step toward reclaiming humankind’s inherent freedoms.

Energetics: The First Order Through drama and humor, Ward and Britton form the characters and execute their plots in “Energetics” to stage the notion that humankind has been previously hijacked from a path leading to advanced levels of enlightenment and thrust into a timeline where their inborn rights have been systematically thwarted. As a result, not only is the future of humankind grim, it is also spiraling toward destruction.

On a philosophical level, “Energetics” challenges the reader as an individual and as a contributor to the whole“Tene lupum auribus!” In order to heal our future, are we each willing to figuratively grab hold of the wolves’ ears, face our fears, and possibly tame them? Or will we be devoured as we turn to run?

The authors tell of an ad hoc group of three MIT professors who choose to grab on and hold fast. As these men uncover a new form of math—rooted in equations by James C. Maxwell, in the 1860’s—through sheer genius and perseverance, four higher Orders of electrodynamics are revealed: the first being Energetics. This group creates the first of many life-changing technologies that revolutionize the current geo-political paradigm, promise the reparation of the human timeline, and point to new heights of self-actualization that potentially lead to a collective metamorphosis.

“‘Energetics. . . takes the reader on a thrilling discovery that will impact every single human being on earth . . . For the reader who is unschooled in past scientific efforts, most notably those of Nikola Tesla, novelists Daniel Ward and Terre Britton expertly weave past discoveries with the new energy of the future . . . This is a fast-moving book which will leave the reader wanting more—the next book of the series,” says Elation Press publisher, Natalie Fuhr-Salvatore.

“Energetics: The First Order” is available in paperback at: and, on Kindle at (, and will also be available in a number other eBook formats in the near future. The book series trailer can be viewed on YouTube:

About Sirius Press, Inc.
In addition to upcoming eBook services, Sirius Press, Inc. is a company focused on educating and promoting first time and established authors.

About The Authors
Terre Britton is a Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Video and Motion Graphics Designer . She holds a degree in History in Art with a minor in English and is a past published Art Reviewer for Regional News and Victoria News, Victoria BC, Canada. More recently, her corporate articles are published online with RIM Education, for Cohasset Associates, Inc., Chicago IL.

Daniel Ward is a Certified Deposition Video Specialist and a member of the American Guild of Court Videographers (AGCV). He is an Electronics and Sound Engineer, Musician, Inventor, Author and a mobile Notary Public. Daniel and Terre are married and live in Florida, USA.

Paperback: 252 pages
Publisher: Sirius Press, Inc.
Language: English
ISBN Paperback: 978-0-9841952-0-6
ISBN Kindle: 978-0-9841952-1-3

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