December 18, 2010

Natalie Fuhr-Salvatore
Elation Press, Publisher

Energetics: The First Order, the first book in a new series entitled The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom, takes the reader on a thrilling discovery that will impact every single human being on earth.

Upon finding a clean energy source, three M.I.T. scientists, Jordy, Tom and Lenny, their brilliant Canadian protégé, are thrust into a political and economic pressure cooker. These visionaries dream of being recognized with a Nobel Prize; and, although beginning as ordinary scientists, their lives are significantly changed. The upheaval that results from their combined effort is a tale of espionage, the power of a brilliant mind and a future loaded with possibilities.

For the reader who is unschooled in past scientific efforts, most notably those of Nikola Tesla, novelists Daniel Ward and Terre Britton expertly weave past discoveries with the new energy of the future. The reader is transported into the minds of these brilliant men and pulled into the trepidation and excitement they experience when they learn they have come upon a clean energy source. This is a fast-moving book which will leave the reader wanting more–the next book of the series.

Ward and Britton deliver a book that is unlike anything out there. Investigate to find out how to get your hands on this amazing new novel.

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