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Grab Some Free Loops and Samples

November 4, 2010
Author Adrian Try

I was thrilled to notice on Twitter the other day that a couple of authors were looking for some music for their latest book trailer, and they found just what they were looking for among our Freebie samples and loops. I realized that even regular visitors to our site may not realize that they are there, so I want to tell you about it.

But first, back to Twitter. Authors Daniel Ward and Terre Britton have a four-book Drama/Sci-Fi series called The Four Orders which they publicize on their website and YouTube channel. The story is based on a set of equations discovered by James Clerk Maxwell. I did a fair amount of physics at university years ago, so I know that these equations form the basis of our understanding of electricity, and also played a part in paving the way for Einstein to discover relativity…

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