The Series

The Four Orders is a four-book Sci-Fi/Thriller series that begins with life-altering discoveries and builds momentum towards our society's self-actualization.

The story is based on the truth behind a set of equations written down over one hundred years ago by James Clerk Maxwell.

Each Order describes the personal, sociological and geopolitical impact as new inventions are built and implemented.

By the end of the Fourth Order, will we finally gain the ability to engineer reality itself?

"Tene lupum auribus!"

The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom is a global wake-up call.

Somewhere in our past, we were wrenched from our correct timeline and forced into our current reality. Whether deliberate or accidental, it was a universal mistake. And now, as we stand weak and exposed, the wolves of destruction are upon us!

Are we willing to fearlessly grab hold of their ears in order to face them, and possibly tame them? Or will we be devoured as we turn to run?

The Four Orders series tells of certain individuals who grab on and hold fast! In the face of adversity, they pool their mettle and rise above expectations. Through them, alternate scientific methods are studied and new inventions are spawned that enable us to move closer to our true realities.

In the process, we are given the opportunity to investigate the altruistic side of human nature to uncharted depths. We learn to explore and synthesize new heights of self-actualization that lead to a collective metamorphosis.

The novels also describe the personal, sociological and geopolitical impact of each order as it is revealed and implemented. They are a journey into the future of inherent freedoms that we rediscover through courage and innovative thought.

By facing and overcoming longstanding fears, is there really a possibility of healing our present, engineering our future, and, in the process, orchestrating a path to genuine peace?

The answer is, yes!

On this fresh evolutionary path, global society begins to experience a regenerative process. We are elevated beyond religious dogma and political agendas, while the shackles of our current and restrictive paradigm are shed. Step by step, Order by Order, we progress towards a new enlightenment. Led by our ability to imagine, combined with our tenacious drive towards self-improvement, we are drawn into the unknown and launched toward our true destiny.

The journey is not effortless, but the rewards are bountiful. We must be willing to confront ourselves; we must be responsive to our powers within; we must act wisely; and, we are obliged to be good stewards and take responsibility for our future.

We must continue an outpouring of gratitude to our historical liberators; but, now, each of us must act as they did.

Before it's too late!

Do this, and a revolutionary attitude of self-determination is inevitable.

Abandon your lethargy!
Claim your right to inherent freedom!
Grab the wolf by the ears and hold on!