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‘Energetics: The First Order’ has been awarded two more 5-Star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Energetics: The First Order


PRLog (Press Release)Mar 28, 2011 – Palm Coast, FL— Sirius Press, Inc. announces Energetics: The First Order—the first book in the new Science Fiction Thriller  series The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom, by authors Daniel Ward and Terre Britton—has sparked two more enthusiastic 5-Star Reviews by fellow authors Craig Chicoine and Thomas Drinkard. They can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.

Tene lupum auribus!
“The story is well crafted with all the twists and turns, and clever moments, of the best sci-fi thrillers. It’s charged with suspense, humor and passion-with a spark of unpredictability. It is sure to keep the reader interested and eager to read on,” says Craig Chicoine.

“What I found most intriguing about this fictional story,” Chicoine adds, “is that it contains technology based on fundamental theories of science while also exploring alternative theories-in this case, electromagnetic energy.”

A Tantalizing First Book in the Series
Thomas Drinkard—a.k.a. Merlyn—writes, “Britton and Ward will take you on an adventure with three scientists who discover new insights in a world of complex math. They draw on the historical inventions and proposals of Nikola Tesla whose electronic creations are present in our everyday lives.

“Combining the concepts of a groundbreaking invention, which could alter the world economy with international and domestic espionage, makes for a heady brew.”

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***** What Others Are Saying About Energetics*****

A Riveting Collision of Fact and Mystery
“A mind riveting mixture of edgy facts regarding the state of our troubled planet, and the mysterious movements of the unknown from our limitless universe, collide to make it a truly energetic read,” says reader Judi Bellamy.

“Non-Stop Weekend Read”
“Energetics Delivers an Explosive Punch”
“Energetics Will Impact Every Single Human Being on Earth”

Energetics: The First Order was first published in paperback December, 2010, and the second edition is now available on Kindle through and in paperback through the authors’ site:

All paperback copies are signed by the authors.

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About The Reviewers

Craig Chicoine—author of the ‘Gray Locke’ Series:
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Thomas Drinkard—author of ‘Piety and Murder’:
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About The Authors
Terre Britton is a Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Video and Motion Graphics Designer. She holds a degree in History in Art with a minor in English and is a past published Art Reviewer for Regional News and Victoria News, Victoria BC, Canada. More recently, her corporate articles are published online with RIM Education, for Cohasset Associates, Inc., Chicago IL.

Daniel Ward is a Certified Deposition Video Specialist and a member of the American Guild of Court Videographers (AGCV). He is an Electronics and Sound Engineer, Musician, Inventor, Author and a mobile Notary Public. Daniel and Terre are married and live in Florida, USA.

About The Book

Paperback: 252 pages
Publisher: Sirius Press, Inc.
Language: English
ISBN Paperback: 978-0-9841952-0-6
ISBN Kindle: 978-0-9841952-1-3

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